Adeyabeba Ethiopia Association

non profit association


Adeyabeba Ethiopia Association is a non profit association incorporated under the Japanese law. The association took its name from the national flower of Ethiopia “ADEYABEBA FLOWER” which is presented to neighbors, friends and relatives on the morning of Ethiopian New Year as a token of good wish for the year to come. As the Adeyabeba flower heralds the dawn of New Year, we aspire Adeyabeba Ethiopia Association to be a messenger of humanity, goodwill, friendship, solidarity and hope in every inch of its stride. 

Adeyabeba Ethiopia Association is incorporated in the following non profit association categories:

    1.     Promotion of Health, medical treatment, or welfare

    2.     Promotion of social education

    3.     Promotion of science, culture, the arts, or sports

    4.     Protection of human rights or promotion of peace

    5.     International cooperation

    6.     Development of vocational expertise or expansion of employment opportunities

    7.     Administration of organizations that engage in the above activities or provision of liaison, advice, or assistance in connection with the above activities.

                                 MISSION AND VISION

 Adeyabeba Ethiopia Association is organized exclusively as an independent non-profit organization to promote common good among Ethiopians living in Japan and the people of Japan on the basis of voluntary service.

The association is not affiliated with any political, religious or crime establishments and in no terms will commission, promote or propagate activities related thereof.

The association operates altruistically and does not pursue primarily commercial goals.

The association is established to assist Ethiopians living in Japan based on the following sets of core objectives.

  • To assist the smooth integration of Ethiopians in Japan, by empowering them with necessary skills, cultural and social awareness;
  • To ensure the safety of Ethiopians living in Japan, secure basic necessities, improve their quality of life, increase their efficiency, and achieve self sufficiency and importance in society;
  • To play constructive role in bridging good relationship and cooperation between Japan and Ethiopia in the field of business, tourism, education, culture, science, technology and other development partnership; and
  • To organize Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia so as to make meaningful contribution in the effort to abolish poverty and ignorance, promote sustainable development, good governance, human rights, peace and stability in Ethiopia.
                   HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS

120-0014 TOKYO




E-MAIL: [email protected]