Adeyabeba Ethiopia Association

non profit association

                     HOW CAN YOU HELP 

Adeyabeba Ethiopia Association is a non profit association established with grand aim to help the needy as laid out in the Articles of Association. Anyone interested in the objectives of the association and possessed high esteem for voluntary work and benevolence, may join the association as an active or associate member.

Any one citizen of the world is most welcome to share the blessing of good work, to feel the warmth of friendship, to witness the energy of cooperation and to walk on the red carpet of happiness.

No contribution is small whether it is material, professional, advocacy, financial, consultative, etc, support on voluntary basis.

                                      Bank Account Details

Account Holder:        Tokutei Hieiri Katsudou Houjin Adeyabeba Echiopia Kyoukai

                                       (Adeyabeba Ethiopia Association - NPO)

Name of Bank:          Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank

Branch Name:           Asakusabashi Branch

Branch #:                    0 6 9

Account #:                   0 0 6 5 9 2 6     (Futsu)

日本語:                                                                                                                                          .

講座名義人名;  トクテイヒエイリカツドウホウジン アデイアベバエチオピアキョウカイ

銀行名:     三菱東京UFJ銀行

講座店:     浅草橋支店

店番:      069

講座番号:    0065926 (普通)


クレジットカードでご支援 (Support by Credit Card ):

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